Health + Fitness

Horoscope for Aries

You know it’s unrealistic to expect your body to work and function under constant pressure continuously. You recognize signals that point towards discomfort and take appropriate action. A gentle jogging session or extended walk is invigorating and helps stimulate your circulation making you feel better. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Taurus

Your need to push yourself forward is a sign of uneasiness. Find your inner balance again with a completely different fitness regime you're able to enjoy. Make sure to make time for your hobbies and preferred recreational activities. Avoid team sports, as you’re so demanding you'll risk making yourself unpopular. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Gemini

If your thought processes are pushed to the limit you make sure your body gets the attention it deserves and realize the importance of finding a sporting activity to ease the pressure of mental stress and how good this is for the soul. There is no better way to relax an overworked mind than jogging or aerobics. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Cancer

If you’ve had any disagreements, counter your uneasy feelings with some rest. You accomplish this best by looking after yourself, the important thing is a feel-good-factor and not extreme escapism. Instead of exhaustive bench pressing and treadmills allow yourself a sports massage or sauna as a relaxing alternative. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Leo

After some deliberation you're tired but won’t be able to rest, you're constantly thinking about the consequences of what you've said. Find time for exercise to help yourself unwind. Dig up the yard, swim some lengths or run through the city park. Once you're exhausted, it's easier to regain your inner peace. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Virgo

If you want to replenish your reserves of strength, and vitality, as well as invigorate both your mind and body, take a long walk, to think and plan unhurriedly or spend an hour meditating. You may even find that a friendly chat with a valued friend is beneficial, so you can discuss matters, which may currently be of concern to you. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Libra

If you feel healthy enough, you're tending to forget about any more fitness ideas. After what you've managed to achieve you're able to take a deserved rest and resist the urge to get started on more activities straight away. Instead you focus attention on other responsibilities with renewed energy and enthusiasm. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Scorpio

You feel strong and full of energy; your body craves activity and needs some attention. Make that overdue trip to the gym and try your best to find a fitness partner who motivates you. Fitness and sport are something in which you can take great pleasure, embrace this opportunity and naturally raise your level of physical well-being. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Sagittarius

With plenty of activities and responsibilities building up for you, it's important to go easy on yourself and always remember your body is not always able to cope with an endless workload. A change of is good for you; use free time for an extended fitness or relaxation program to reinvigorate your mind and body. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Capricorn

Your body normally reacts to the stresses and strains of life, repeatedly giving you signals to take things more easily. If you're feeling tired and listless much of the time, think of a way to give yourself a boost by combining a comfortable number of lengths at your local swimming pool with a relaxing visit to the sauna. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Aquarius

Your thoughts may stray to the subject of sex which no doubt you satisfy if you can. If you're not in such a position, instead perform some outside exercise as a healthy outlet and comfortable release for your pent-up desires to help you build your bodies capacity for more strenuous and enjoyable activities to come. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Pisces

If your energy reserves seem low, you feel tired or out of sorts, try to combat this feeling by developing a degree of inner composure and confidence. If you find the time and have the opportunity, take a break from it all by the sea. It's beneficial to practice intense deep breathing exercises which you'll find revitalizing. - by your best friend astrologer